What kind of Hotels in Nepal & Tibet side? Nepal Side:

  • Kathmandu
  • Nepalgunj:  Hotel Sneha, Hotel Batika or Similar (For Helicopter Tour Only)
  • All Hotels are based on twin sharing.
  • If you want Single Room then you have to pay:
    • INR 6500 extra in Kathmandu for Overland tour (3 nights)
    • INR 9000 extra in Kathmandu plus Nepalgunj for Helicopter tour (2 nights kathmandu and 1 nights Nepalgunj)

Tibet Side For the comfort of our guests, we have changed all itineraries to provide Guest House at all places in Tibet side (no more tents) for the same package cost. All Guest House will be based on sharing with Common Bath except in Taklakot. In Taklakot it will be 3 star category hotel with attached bathroom.

Vehicles: What kind of Transportation in Nepal & Tibet side?

  • Nepal Side: We will provide a decent transportation by A/C Coach for Sightseeing tours.For Overland trip only there will be Non – A/C bus from Kathmandu to Kerung until the
    roads are properly constructed.
    Tibet Side: A / C Coach
  • The Chinese visa is a group Visa paper based.
  • First of all we need your passport copies by email to apply for Tibet Travel Permit (required by Chinese government).
  • We will apply Tibet permit before 01 month of departure date. After that we need your original passport for Group Visa processing:
    • Indian Nationality: You have to send your original passport 07 working days before Fixed Kailash Dates to our Delhi office for Visa processing
    • Foreign Nationals: You will need your original passport 03 working days before Fixed Kailash dates in our Kathmandu office
  • After you get group Chinese Visa, you can collect back your passport from our office.
  • Therefore, since it takes time, we suggest our Yatris to book as early as possible, so that your yatra can be begin in your desired departure date.
  • If you already have Chinese Visa: After you arrive in Kathmandu, you will apply for the Chinese Group Visa to enter Tibet and the Chinese Embassy will cancel your current Chinese Visa and give you the Group Visa.

What is difference between Inner Parikrama & Outer Parikrama?

  • Inner Parikrama means  parikrama of Nandi Parvat and the outer parikrama means parikrama of Kailash Parvat. The regular Overland and Helicopter is actually only outer Parikrama which is easy to complete. However, for Inner Parikrama, it takes longer and it is quite challenging. Please make sure you are healthy enough to do the Inner Parikrama. We do not recommend it for anyone above 60 years old unless they are solid health conditions.
How much do I have to walk during Parikrama?
  • If you can not or do not want to go for Kailash Parikrama by foot then you can hire a horse and horse man for 3 days by paying extra (around INR 28000 per person). This rate  may vary during travel time, hence not a fixed rate.
  • Even you do hire a horse, you have to walk at least 2-3 hours
  • You can choose not to go for Parikrama at all. Our staff will be there preparing accommodation and meals.

What if I don’t want to do Parikrama?

  • If you don’t want to do Parikrama we would provide you accommodation and food Darchen base camp and you would have to wait until others return from Parikrama.

If I want to do Parikrama riding on horse (pony) how much does it cost?

  • The cost is around 28000 -30000 INR which you have to pay yourself directly to the horse owner or the porter you are going to hire. The package doesn’t include the price of horse (pony) ride.

Is it possible to return without Parikrama and without waiting for other group?

  • It is possible but you have to have your own group more than 25 persons to change the itinerary according to your desire. If the group is below that the cost may increase.

Asthapad:Is Asthapad included in our Yatra? Included in:

  • Any Helicopter Tour
  • Inner Parikrama

Not Included in:

  • Regular Overland Tour

If it is not included and if Chinese Government allows to visit at that particular time then you have pay little extra to visit Asthapad, Nandi Parvat which is about INR 3,000 only.

Personal Expenses in Tibet 

  • Indian Rupees are not accepted in Tibet. We will exchange the amount to Yuan (Chinese Currency) for you upon your arrival.

What kind of items to carry while travelling?

  • You have to take warm clothes like sweater, trousers, thermo-coat, monkey cap, trekking shoes, high-neck, gloves etc.
  • Please Download Guidelines for detail list

What do you provide us for the tour?

  • We provide a Waterproof Windcheater Jacket, a Duffel Bag, a Bag Pack, a Cap and a Passport Holder to every members as a souvenir gift from our company. You do not have to return these items after returning from Kailash.

Can we use Indian Currency in Tibet side?

  • No, the currency that is used in Tibet side is Chinese Yuan. For exchange of Chinese Yuan You can contact us on arrival on Kathmandu.

What sort of clothing and accessories is suggested for the Trip?

  • As the Kailash Mansarovar is at high altitude the climate is cold so it is recommended that you have warm clothes with you, thermo coat, monkey cap, comfort shoes, masks, walking sticks, sunscreen lotions, sun glasses are also recommended accessories for the trip.

How many people in each group?

  • There will one Sherpa for every 4-5 persons. Our group size is minimum 25 persons. Our maximum size depends, since sometimes many people want to go with popular Swami together, or listen to Bhagwat Katha, do pooja lead by popular Guruji.

Can we have our own Departure Date and Group?

  • Yes, you can pick your own departure date if your group have more than 20 persons in a group for Helicopter package and 25 persons for Overland Package.

Age limit is 70 years old for Indian Passport Holders as per the currently rules and regulations. For Non-Indian Passport Holders there is no age limit till date. However, we can not guarantee that permit will be issued.

  Mobile Phone: How to keep in touch with our friend & family during the trip? Nepali sim card doesn’t work at Tibet side but there will be shops at the phone center on the way to Kailash Yatra. You can take your mobile with you and buy a sim card there to call your family and relatives.

There are several reasons why yatris choose Full-Moon:

  1. Festivals in Tibet happens during Full Moon (especially Saga Dawa Full Moon Festival: the holiest day in Tibetan Buddhism)
  2. Full-Moon in Mansarovar: Many Yatris prefer doing puja  during the Full Moon (Purnima)
  3. Many want to see beautiful view of full moon over Mount Kailash
  4. Prefer doing Kora during Full-moon

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